Shop, Dine, And Visit W. Lab In Seoul With Kim Dao

Beauty vlogger Kim Dao is back in Seoul, South Korea. Although Kim travels here a lot, every time she tours Seoul with her friend Sunnydahye it’s a brand new experience. You can follow Kim’s latest journey around the South Korean capital in this vlog: “Shopping in Hongdae | First Day in KOREA ft. Sunnydahye.


This video starts with a remarkable montage. A few of the images you’ll see in this opening include Sunnydahye’s adorable dog, Kim Dao’s breakfast, the Seoul metro, and the shop Matilda. Learn more:


Kim Dao tells her viewers that she’s going to a meeting at W. Lab with Sunny later in the day. Once they’ve finished with their meeting, Kim and Sunny hope to do some shopping in Hongdae. Learn more:


As Kim Dao and Sunny are walking around, Kim suddenly gets a headache. She tells Sunny that she really needs a caffeine fix. The two friends stop in a nearby convenience store and Kim orders a mocha drink in a Pikachu box. Learn more:


After the meeting, Kim Dao shows us a huge bag of makeup samples W. Lab gave Kim Dao to try. Kim Dao promises to do a haul later in the video.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes us on a whirlwind tour of the shops in Hongdae. When Kim and Sunny are done shopping, they sit down for a meal at BHC치킨.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao does a huge shopping haul. She also answers three questions from her viewers. Learn more:



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