Stream Energy ‘s feature on credits Stream Cares for its varied philanthropy efforts

Philanthropy work and corporate giving is held in high regard and highly publicized and launching a formal separate philanthropy arm is a new business move being made by companies such as Stream Energy. Corporate philanthropy is an integral part of Stream Energy; the company has been informally helping the community for years and has recently launched its own charity foundation, “stream cares” to focus on this valuable work. Stream Energy has been featured on for their launch of “Stream Cares”, their role in funding the recovery from hurricane Harvey, and their generosity and passion for charity projects such as Hope Supply Co.

The article on the patch credited the company with being one of the first to fund the recovery from Hurricane Harvey and even lifting finical burden off of their own customers. The article refers to the company as an example of how Dallas companies are viewing philanthropy work as part of their brand. Stream Energy has relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross which aids in engaging them in charity work, but also credits their business model and employees’ engagement with their track record of generosity.

Stream Energy and its employees are passionate about helping the homeless and do so through Stream Cares. Stream Cares partners with Hope Supply Co. to cover entrance and meal fee for over 1,000 children from Northern Texas, allowing them the chance to enjoy a day at a water part. Hope Supply Co. works to supply homeless children with basic needs such as diaper and school supplies and Stream Cares is credited with directly supporting them for four years.

Stream Cares also worked with Operation Once in a Lifetime by donating transportation to Dallas-area veterans and their families enabling them to enjoy a special December lunch. Stream cares and their employees helped these families again by co-hosting the American Girl Doll Experience for 10 daughters of military families. Projects like these are what’s feature is credit Stream energy with and how they claim the company is lifting up Dallas and Texas as a whole.

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