Talos Energy Continues To Foresee A Bright Future

Talos Energy is a recognized oil drilling industry in the Mexican Gulf that continues to expand over the years. Since 2014, the company has experienced growth particularly as a result of the rising oil price trends. Not only has the price fluctuations contributed to increased profits to Talos Energy, but it has also assured its executives of more future investments.

Enhanced consumer satisfaction

Throughout the years of operation, Talos Energy has managed to meet the needs and demands of its client base. One of the reasons why investors have remained gloomed to the company is the fact that it is planning to become publicly traded in the coming days. The company will be able to receive massive cash infusion after it opens its shares to investors.

Another reason why the company has remained relevant to the market is the fact that it has one of the best and unique drilling technologies of all times. Talos Energy is among the few energy companies that are capable of drilling the ocean floor. With this right technology, the company has been able to serve series of projects in Gulf of Mexico. It is still expected to witness even further growth as infrastructure development is the current norm of the society.

The company’s acquisition of Stone Energy

In early May 2018, Talos Energy announced its completion of the strategic combination with Stone Energy Corporation. The acquisition of this company commenced trading on 10th May under “TALO” which is the new ticker symbol. The worth of about $1.9 billion, the newly founded energy company will have its headquarter in Texas, Huston with its teams based in Louisiana, Lafayette, and New Orleans. Talos Energy management team has remained optimistic about the acquisition stating that it would result in increased revenue generation. The new corporation, Talos Energy Inc. is also expected to possess the largest diversified asset scale accompanied by strong financial position and talented management team. The energy market can only speculate on the greatest achievements the acquisition is yet to offer.

About Talos Energy LLC

Talos Energy is a Houston based energy company that was founded in 2012. The company specializes in the production and exploration of gas and oil offshore, particularly in the Mexican Gulf. The expertise of Talos Energy is based in acquiring, exploring, developing, and exploiting deepwater assets using the available infrastructure.

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