The Humble Beginnings Of CAOA – From Bankruptcy To Success

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a respected physician in Brazil, although he is probably most known to the general public as the founder and Chairman of CAOA’s Board of Directors. His venture into the automotive sector started in 1979, when he acquired a dealership that declared bankruptcy. Dr. Carlos bought a Ford Landau from a Ford Leadership in the Sate of Paraiba. Before the car was even delivered, the dealership declared bankruptcy, but Dr. Carlos did not hesitate to propose that the dealership get passed on to him in order to compensate for the pre-payment made for his Ford Landau. That was the start of CAOA, the company that went in 6 years from bankruptcy to becoming the largest Ford dealership that Latin America had to offer.

When Brazil allowed the import of foreign vehicles in 1992, CAOA became the official as well as exclusive importer in Brazil of Renault cars. Less then 3 years after that, Renault became the number one brand in sales when it came to the imported car segment, and was ranked at number 5 in overall car sales. By 1998, CAOA was the official importer of Subaru, whose sales tripled in less than one year, and in 1999 CAOA entered a partnership with Hyundai, which resulted in Hyundai becoming a leader in the imported car segment with their Tucson model.

As a result of his work in the automotive sector, Dr. Carlos earned the title “Distributor of the Year” from Hyundai Motor Company, competing with 179 other Hyundai dealers from all over the world. The award marked the first time it was earned by a distributor outside of Europe. In 2017 CAOA earned the first place in the Sales Satisfaction Index SSI and in the Customer Service Index CSI, awards given by JD Power, which is a consulting firm that specializes in customer satisfaction surveys. The awards were the result of the company’s high quality when it comes to customer service, and an important recognition for CAOA’s team of skilled employees. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was also named “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry” by the IstoE Dinheiro publication.

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