The Remarkable Career of Kenneth Goodgame

Currently, Ken Goodgame serves as the Senior Vice President as well as the Chief Merchandising Officer of True Value Company. Through a combination of smart business strategy, streamlined financial oversight as well as innovative marketing and merchandising, he has become an expert in establishing OEM excellence. Goodgame strives towards attaining a balance of employee engagement, key performance indicators, corporate alignment, quality assurance systems, which allows improved profitability and performance.

True Value Company

The history of True Value is traced back to John Cotter, who started his career at the age of 12 working for a neighborhood hardware store. Later in 1948, Cotter established the Cotter & Company, which was a retailer-owned cooperative with 25 independently-ran member stores. After acquiring Bartlett, Spencer, and Hibbard in 1963, Cotter became the owner of the company as well as the True Value trademark.

Currently, John Hartmann is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President. True Value Company is committed to attaining the future success of its distinct family of associates and retailers while following its aggressive growth plan. True Value boasts of independent retailers situated in more than sixty nations with a total of $5.5 billion in terms of retail sales. Further, it has an estimate of 2,500 associates and 13 regional distribution points or centers.

An In-depth Look at Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a prominent retail, sales, marketing and merchandising specialist. He attained his marketing knowledge from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where he attained a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Goodgame boasts of industry experience that can be traced twenty years back. He joined True Value in 2013. Consequently, he brought to the table exceptional executive leadership drawn from retail consumer goods as well as hardware manufacturing. Further, he is a specialist in various fields such as product assortments, merchandise planning as well as private label strategies that are devoted to stimulating innovation and high-performance teams.

Other Companies Served by Goodgame

Before joining True Value Company, he acted as the General Merchandizing Manager at Ace Hardware Corporation. During his time at Ace Hardware, he effected a groundbreaking Craftsman program, which led to the growth of the hand tool division from $8 -$180 million in terms of sales. More so, he created a world-class merchandising test installation with two in-house stores, vendor support areas, formal line review areas, and testing stations.

Goodgame also worked at Techtronic Industries from 2008 to 2010 where he managed to attain the first profitable year for the company from a $2.5 million loss to $5 million profit. He accomplished this achievement by instituting compliance, restructuring the company, driving focus on client service into culture, and resolving EPA fines. He has also served other numerous entities such as Newell Rubbermaid and The Home Depot.

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