Tony Petrello- Successful corporate executive in the drilling industry

Tony Petrello has made a good name in the business sector by being one of the most successful business personalities in the world. He is currently leading Nabors Industries., this is the largest oil and gas drilling company in the world. It is a company that has been in business for the past few decades, but much of the success has been seen when Tony Petrello took office as the Chief Operating Officer and later as the Chief Executive officer. He has been in the company since 1991. So, all the activities which have happened in the company for the past two decades have gone through his office. The fact that he was able to lead the company in the right direction is proof of his business prowess. Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes.

Tony Petrello has been doing very well in the business sector. He has brought change in the oil and gas company and made sure that the effect is felt in the whole industry. Since he took over the role of the CEO, the company has been making gains every year despite the challenging economic environment that was created by the financial crisis of 2008. Tony Petrello has managed to push the company to the global market, and currently, it is in 25 countries as well as other places all over the world.

Tony has led this company with motivation and drive to accomplish success. All his life, he has never been a failure, and he won’t allow this to be the first case of failure he is handling. From a young age, Tony was accustomed to success. He showed brilliance in school which kept him ahead of other students, as it would be later found out, Petrello was a genius in mathematics. In fact he holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from the Yale University.

Tony Petrello was listed as one of the best-paid CEOs in the United States in 2015 due to the huge returns that Nabors industries made. Over the years, it has continued to make more profits as it expands its operation to many places all over the world. Nabors Industries is the manufacturer of the best drilling technology in the world.

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