Walmart Teams Up With Beneful

Is your dog tired of the same old dog food blends? Maybe your pet has trouble eating certain types of dog foods, or seems uninterested in eating lately? Well then I have the solution for you. Purina Beneful offers a great selection of dog food blends all made with real ingredients. Flavors include beef, chicken, and salmon with a healthy weight option.Purina Beneful really cares about the health of your pets, so their food is available worldwide.

The different dog food blends cater to different breeds of dogs. For example the dry bags come in sizes as small as 3 pounds and the larger bags go up to 40 pounds. Wet dog food blends are sold in cans as small as 3 ounces and then containers as big as 10 ounces. The size you decide to buy determines the price of the product, not any of the flavors.Although Purina Beneful dog food products are sold at an amazing price, you can find coupons almost anywhere. A quick search on the Walmart website will bring up three coupons. Two of them offer $3 off of a bag of dry dog food and the other coupon is buy three 10 ounce containers get one feee.

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