Why Young and Talented Swiss Entrepreneurs Should Enroll in Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory

As the managing partner and a co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur’s professional journey is impressive. Baur has also been featured at the WORLDWEBFORUM‘s Next Generation Semester Closing as a principal speaker.


One of the most successful business ventures created by Mike Baur is the Swiss Startup Factory. This venture was established as an accelerator program, which runs for only three months. Budding entrepreneurs in Switzerland are required to take advantage of the program for three months. It seeks to provide them with coaching, mentoring, and financial services.

The Swiss Startup Factory also excels in giving young entrepreneurs office space and linking them to a large investor and entrepreneurial network. For those who want to get exposure from the startup, applications for the September batch are ongoing. One is required to visit the startup’s website and find out how they can become a part of a brilliant accelerator program.

Features of Swiss Startup Factory’s Accelerator Program

Mike Baur has always been passionate about creating an incubation program that would nurture young talents. As an incubation center, the Swiss Startup Factory comprises of affordable desks, conference rooms, and office spaces. Entrepreneurs also get to enjoy free WiFi, an in-house film studio, fitness center, storage space, lunch rooms, and other amazing features.

Most of the entrepreneurs who were enrolled in Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory are the brains behind several successful startups. These include Beaconsmind, Carhelper, Blinkers, and Struckd. Baur established the institution with a mission to provide young, talented, and dedicated Swiss citizens with an execution platform that guided them through their ambitious milestones.

Mike Baur’s Education and Career Background

Mike Baur grew up in the Fribourg region of Switzerland. As a teenager, he was interested in pursuing a career in banking and finance. Baur later attended the notable University of Rochester New York to pursue an MBA course. Consequently, he proceeded to the esteemed University of Bern for an executive MBA degree.

Baur’s 20-year financial career has been beneficial to the Swiss Banking industry. His financial career began when UBS employed him as a commercial apprentice. Baur’s career advanced when he joined the executive board of an established Swiss Bank. During his free time, Baur likes to speak with young entrepreneurs. Through his Swiss Startup Factory, he usually mentors aspiring business owners. Swiss Startup currently ranks as the leading privately financed and owned tech accelerator and incubator in Switzerland.

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